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‍OmicsChart PREON streamlines cancer research by providing a user-friendly real-world data and biomarker discovery platform. It aims to eliminate time-consuming data searches for scientists, enabling effortless exploration of cancer genomic and precision oncology datasets.


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About us.

OmicsChart is on a mission to revolutionize how precision oncology data is shared. We are a team of scientists who believe that data should be visible, accessible and sharable.

Our vision is to build a platform that unites a fragmented cancer data space, facilitates transparent data sharing and accelerates clinical research by allowing scalable implementation of machine learning methods on the real-world data.

OmicsChart PREON

Patient-centric cancer data and analytics platform for translational cancer biologists.
Explore mutation and expression data in the gene of your interest, validate your data and find similar patient cohorts in thousands of patients - zero coding skills required

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