2 of Ju 2024

OmicsChart completed Pharma focused accelerator in Boston, USA

OmicsChart successfully completed PharmStars accelerator program, culminating in a Showcase Event in Boston, USA. This experience will enable OmicsChart to connect with leading pharma members, enhancing our commitment to advancing oncology research through innovative AI and data science solutions.

15th of June 2024

OmicsChart on stage at WMF - We Make Future 2024 in Italy

OmicsChart CEO, Tanya Aneichyk, presented our cutting-edge omics data solution at the WMF - We Make Future 2024 conference in Italy. The presentation focused on how our technology is addressing the fragmented cancer data space, and provided an opportunity to introduce our solution to a broader startup audience.

4th of June 2024

OmicsChart joins Milner Therapeutics Institute network

OmicsChart joined the Affiliated Companies network at the Milner Therapeutics Institute, Cambridge University, UK. This collaboration will allow OmicsChart to connect with leading academic, pharmaceutical, and biotech partners, enhancing our commitment to advancing oncology research through innovative AI and data science solutions.

16th of January 2024

OmicsChart celebrates graduation from Techstars accelerator

OmicsChart has successfully graduated from the prestigious Techstars accelerator program, marking a milestone in its recognition for the pioneering utilization of omics data within the field of oncology research. This accomplishment not only reflects the remarkable strides made by OmicsChart, but also emphasizes the growing interest within the tech industry in the emerging domain of techbio and use of machine learning and AI for precision oncology.

OmicsChart Team

9th of October 2023

OmicsChart joins Techstars

OmicsChart is thrilled to be selected for Techstars Berlin 2023 Deep Tech accelerator, emphasizing its commitment to advancing precision oncology through innovative technology. This partnership promises accelerated growth, mentorship, and access to industry experts and investors, marking a significant milestone in the journey to revolutionize cancer research.

A headshot of team member

15th of August 2023

BLOG: Commercialization in bioinformatics research, why and how

Revisiting an excellent blog post by our founder and CEO Dr Tatsiana Aneichyk on commercialization in bioinformatics research. Follow a link bellow to our Medium blog post to learn more.

Live in public beta

28th of June 2023

OmicsChart PREON live in public beta

OmicsChart publicly launches PREON, its flagship cancer data and biomarker discovery platform. PREON provides researchers with access to a vast repository of public cancer data, accelerating scientific discoveries and personalized cancer treatments. With its intuitive interface and advanced analytics capabilities, PREON streamlines data exploration and analysis for enhanced insights.

AWS logo and OmicsChart logo

1st of May 2023

OmicsChart selected to participate in AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

OmicsChart become one of the 10% of start-up's to be selected to participate in AWS Startup Loft Accelerator.  The program provides support and opportunities to meet expert mentors, 1:1 consulting with AWS senior solution architects as well as AWS credits.

Program Logo and description

1st of December 2022

OmicsChart is a recipient of Merck Healthcare Speed Grant

OmicsChart received Merck Healthcare Speed Grant to investigate molecular biomarkers of HRD in cancer patients.

Program logo

5th of November 2022

OmicsChart is selected for Merck KGaA 2022 Research Grant Deep Dive Workshop

OmicsChart was selected as one of the top runners for Merck KGaA 2022 Research Grant.

Program Logo

5th of October 2022

OmicsChart is a recipient of Start?Zuschuss grant

Start?Zuschuss is a grant by Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy to support digitalization.

Program logo

18th of June 2022

OmicsChart is a winner of Grit International Female Accelerator

OmicsChart was selected as one of three winners, securing collaboration with Microsoft.

4th of November 2021

OmicsChart presents at Digital Health Pitch Day

OmicsChart presented a pitch at the High-Tech Gründerfonds and STARTUP CREASPHERE Digital Health Pitch Day, hosted online by Plug and Play.

21st of August 2021

OmicsChart at Biotech Bootcamp by BioM and SmiLe

OmicsChart has been accepted as one of 12 participants for Biotech Bootcamp by SmiLe and BioM - a business development program for aspiring biotech entrepreneurs by Europe’s leading biotech incubators.

OmicsChart PREON

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