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OmicsChart PREON is a patient-centric cancer data and analytics platform for translational cancer biologists. The goal of the platform is to enable researchers to gain deeper insights into patient populations by aggregating data from different sources. PREON contains over 16,000 de-identified cancer patient records from public and proprietary data providers.  

Validate your findings using real-world data (RWD) and perform biomarker discovery and analytics.

DNA strand

Explore target of interest in 16,000+ patients

Network analysis

Perform complex bioinformatics analytics

Target board with arrow

Get actionable insights about your target

Search and save patient group

Review Top 50 mutated genes

Perform Survival Analysis

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Patient Cohort Builder

Search data using our innovative cohort browser by data type, treatment and create custom cohorts.

OmicsChart PREON contains curated data from 16,000+ real-world cancer patients from public and propriety data. With more data integrations from public repositories and commercial providers planned. Simply search and save patient group.

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Genomic Biomarker Analytics

Perform biomarker discovery within and across data sources.

Characterise both patient group and biomarker/target with OmicsChart PREON. Explore RNA expression, Tumour Mutational Burden (TMB), Total Tumour mRNA and Homologous Recombinant Deficiency. Perform correlation between 2 biomarkers, browse top 50 mutated genes and perform survival analysis. And finally compare biomarkers and their expression across multiple groups in primary, metastatic and recurrent tumours all in one platform.

Patient Cohort search.
Curated & searchable data base with records from thousands real-word cancer patients. Create your cohorts of interest using our innovative patient centred search methodology.

Biomarker Discovery.
Top 50 mutations, DNA alterations, RNA expression, biomarker correlation, survival analysis and more.

Know your target.
Get actionable insights about your target from real-world cancer patient data. Easy, fast and no coding skills required.

Efficient and quick.
Our expert scientists have searched and curated fragmented data in one place for you. No need for lengthy searches to find the data that you need.

Easy to use.
Accessible and easy to use, no technical skills required to perform common bioinformatics analysis.

Trusted and Validated.
Find hidden associations between biomarkers. Data curated and cleaned by expert bioinformaticians and scientists.

PREON Pricing.

We provide two pricing plans for PREON: a free open public platform and an enterprise subscription for teams that offer deeper insights via advanced analytical features.
Get in touch on sales@omicschart.com to  schedule a demo.

For individuals

Gain instant access to patient derived cancer insights
Instant insights from public and proprietary data sources
Genomics & transcriptomics data
Review data completeness and quality
Cancer specific workflows and analytics for multi-omic data
Additional pay-per-use features
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For organizations

Team plan
For teams, improve collaboration and reduce time spent on data exploration
Everything in pay-per-use plan plus advanced analytics and insights and budget and team management tools
Genomics, transcriptomics and scRNA-seq data
Collaborative team features
Billing and budget control features
Advanced insights and analytics
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